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 BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce

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BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce Empty
PostSubject: BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce   BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce Icon_minitimeFri May 05, 2017 10:45 pm

-Your  pseudo (Character name): BeautyInTheSoul
-What Job/Class and level are you: I'm an Arcanist level 135
-Do you have any alt-chars. If so what's their character names: I have a ton of storage characters but I never use them... main account is BeautyInTheSoul and occasionally on Mysticall and Ridhi (only for vending).
-Does anyone have access to any of your characters: No I hope not
-Have you used a name change scroll. If yes what did you change from: No this name is way too good to give up
-How long have you played FlyFF: Since I was 12 or something and I'm 21 now (back when there was powerdice I really can't remember what else BUT good times *-*)
-Your real name: Ridhi
-Your age: 21
-Your current location: Canada
-What languages can you communicate in: Canadian
-Do you have any friends in the guild that could refer you: No Extratereerewghstiaierial and Mango h8 me too much (should I even be name dropping these people they might make me look bad)
-State your previous guilds as far back as you can remember and why you left the that/those guild(s): iCe? I think? I think kicked because of inactivity and Avengerz and I think I left becauseeeee that movie sucked (really I think the guild kinda fizzled out but I can't remember the whole reason)
-How many hours do you plan to play each day/week: 1-2 a day/7-14 a week (depends on school and work T.T weekends more)

Answers following questions in a brief paragraph.

-Name a few quality reasons why you'd like to join the guild:

I spend most of my time in FlyFF jumping around and doing nothing so I would like to join a guild for community and for fun! I really like being in guilds because community is nice and keeps the game active as well as keeping me active. I really love this game and probably might be my favourite MMO (probably the only one I can understand) and it sucks that it used to be so dead before. Then I logged on and BAM Flaris is boomin and it's great! Very Happy I see a ton of old faces I remember in the guild and made friends with a few so I wanna join I think it could help bring back the charm of FlyFF for me!

-Name 2-3 qualities (more if possible) that you have that you think might benefit the guild:
1) I am quite active right now and I like to chit chat so I'd bring conversation and SNACKS!! Yayy~~
2) I honestly don't know I have really have no qualities in this game my gear and character are mid range and not up to date. I have a massive amount of female CS because all I used to do and still do is vend that. I can provide fashionable clothes for the ladies during important guild stuffs.

-What made you pick Reminisce over other competing guilds:

I know the most people in this guild and it looks like a fun place! Everyone is so nice when I talk to them from this guild so why not! Very Happy Also this guild the the best guild there is. The best of the best strive to be in this guild and I want to be apart of it. I want to prove myself to the Madrigal world and become the next guild master because that is my FlyFF way! Believe it!

-What are some short-term goals you want to achieve in Flyff?

IF I'M BEING HONEST is clearing out my storage accounts of all the shit I need to sell but I feel selling stuff is really hard. Otherwise I have always wanted to do PvE and PvP stuff in FlyFF but never had the opportunity too (except on pservers) so that might be super interesting!

-Tell us something interesting about yourself:

I have a black belt in karate but I'm a huge wimp. I'm in university and work a boring desk job my life isn't much of interest but I have an extensive collection of soap I am willing to share with the masses. I like anime T.T DID ANYONE GET MY NARUTO REFERENCE in an above question? Otherwise I probably just look lame. Probably just look lame anyways.

I've read and accepted these guidelines.
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BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce Empty
PostSubject: Re: BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce   BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce Icon_minitimeMon May 08, 2017 9:34 pm

Accepted and Locked.
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BeautyInTheSoul Wants to Join Reminisce
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