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 NirvalNa "Wants to join Reminisce"

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Joining Reminsce

NirvalNa "Wants to join Reminisce" Empty
PostSubject: NirvalNa "Wants to join Reminisce"   NirvalNa "Wants to join Reminisce" Icon_minitimeTue Aug 23, 2016 5:17 pm

Your  pseudo (Character name): NirvalNa

-What Job/Class and level are you: Lvl. 130 Harlequin

-Do you have any alt-chars. If so what's their character names: AngProbinsyanO(M.lvl80), lNirvana(Seraph lvl 130), Jopay(lvl 95)

-Does anyone have access to any of your characters: Just me

-Have you used a name change scroll. If yes what did you change from: No

-How long have you played FlyFF: Since 2009

-Your real name: Kirk John Gopez

-Your age: 28

-Your current location: Philliphines

-What languages can you communicate in: English, Tagalog

-Do you have any friends in the guild that could refer you: (old Friends) WorstBP, iMaxwell, Ci3l, reign

-State your previous guilds as far back as you can remember and why you left the      that/those guild(s): DestinedHeroes (Boring guild)

-How many hours do you plan to play each day/week: 3-6 hours daily (anytime  i want )

Answers following questions in a brief paragraph.

-Name a few quality reasons why you'd like to join the guild: Fame and Glory, and want to be famous xD

-Name 2-3 qualities (more if possible) that you have that you think might benefit the   guild: im an  active player, always follow rules and easy to learn things

-What made you pick Reminisce over other competing guilds: Cause Reminisce is a "Bad Ass Kicking Guild"!

-What are some short-term goals you want to achieve in Flyff? Enjoyment and win Guild activities

-Tell us something interesting about yourself: friendship is gold..... "Those who break the rules are trash, however, those who don't care about their friends are even worse than trash!!!

                     "I've read and accepted these guidelines"
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NirvalNa "Wants to join Reminisce"
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