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 Aznboi wants to join your guild x)

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Aznboi wants to join your guild x) Empty
PostSubject: Aznboi wants to join your guild x)   Aznboi wants to join your guild x) Icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2016 1:32 pm

-Your pseudo (Character name):Tattered

-What Job/Class and level are you:Force Master

-Do you have any alt-chars. If so what's their character names:Akanie & Akmu(low level, shh)

-Does anyone have access to any of your characters: Mi Abuelo, Mi abuela. Just kidding. Seriously, just me.

-Have you used a name change scroll. If yes what did you change from:Nevaaaa

-How long have you played FlyFF: since 2004 but I stopped from time to time because of work and popularity of this game has lessen and this is why I quit for the time being. Buuuuut I'm back now and reason is that. I missed Flyff so much and wanted to experience and enjoy it again. I've met lots of weird people and that's why I'm interested to play again even more.

-Your real name: Kim(DaAznSwagboi)

-Your age: Sorry, I'm underage. lmao. Kidding. I is 24.

-Your current location: Wind City baby, Chicago, IL

-What languages can you communicate in: Filipino, Spanish(Pokito), and English.

-Do you have any friends in the guild that could refer you: Yeah, but they're low level. Noobie. Jk although I met Bombon, cool guy (won't upgrade the LGA tho) -.-

-State your previous guilds as far back as you can remember and why you left the that/those guild(s): Left Syntheasia(I think that's how you spell it) I quit and left because I've been busy with my work. Just like I stated on top of my paragraph. You might ask why should I join back in? Well, I don't like some of the people.

-How many hours do you plan to play each day/week: 3-5 hours daily, or more.

Answers following questions in a brief paragraph.

-Name a few quality reasons why you'd like to join the guild: I'm jolly, cranky, salty, sweety, nice and kind. Shh don't tell anybody.

-Name 2-3 qualities (more if possible) that you have that you think might benefit the guild: I used to Siege for Synthesia but still gotta upgrade my speed shield lol but I'm working on it. Still buying so many gpros lol but guaranteed I will do my best to participate into events, siege, etc.

-What made you pick Reminisce over other competing guilds: I just wanted to try new things. Meet new people and same chemistry I have. Looking forward to meet y'all.

-What are some short-term goals you want to achieve in Flyff? Achieve friendship, squad goals, and competitive challenge on other guild.

-Tell us something interesting about yourself: Body builder, basketball player at my University, married to a sexy Asian wife and smoke like Snoop doggy dog, yas!

Thanks for snooping into my application. Looking forward to join y'all and compete against different guild.

P.S My fingers is itching for PVP again, lol

Thanks y'all ridicule
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Aznboi wants to join your guild x) Empty
PostSubject: Edited   Aznboi wants to join your guild x) Icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2016 7:07 pm

Edited: Forgot to stated my characters level, my apology.
Akanie:Mercenary Lv 52
Akmu: Assist Lv 45
Tattered: Force Master Lv 149 H

Yes, I intend to Max my FM anytime soon. Just need to gear up and boosted up. So, for the secondary characters. I would definetly spend a lot of time and money(lol) to gear those up. No worries about that.

And also, about leaving my past old guild. Just to make my self a lot clearer. First, I wasn't able to connect all of them because I barely have time to get and talk to all of them but I did had a conversation with some of them. Couldn't remember their names but they're cool and awesome. But some are just stuck-up fags who doesn't spare their time answering a simple and kind question. But past is past and I don't want to bring all those up. I'm just looking forward to meet new people and share chemistry I have. And I'm sure it'll be the last guild I'll ever stay.
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Aznboi wants to join your guild x)
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